Educational Pathways


The Educational Pathways are designed to provide a framework of courses offered at Kenston High School to get the most out of that department in order to be better prepared for post-secondary life.  For example, the path through the sciences will give students the best foundation of knowledge and skills before heading into a field in the life sciences or physical sciences.  The paths are suggestions for courses and have been designed by that particular department with the student who is already driven to pursue a career in that field; however, some of those have pre-requisites, so the order may be very important to follow.  For other departments, suggestions are made for when it is most appropriate to take a course with the understanding that the student will take the course whenever it fits best in the schedule.

The direction a student takes or path chosen is an individual decision and may change several times in high school.  Paths may be combined as there is plenty of room in the schedule for many courses to be taken beyond the graduation requirements.